Down the Road with a Wild Rover

An adventurer is one who takes the path less travelled, takes more risks, follows the “beat of a different drummer”.  And although we often think of an adventurer as a loner, I have been blessed with good friends, a wornderful wife and family, and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the love and care of companions along the way.

An entertainer makes people look and pay attention. He talks with conviction and sways peoples’ emotions. A good entertainer makes his audience feel like they have just been given a treat; there is a sense of contentment and a desire for more.

This website blends bicycling adventures and  personal revelations . I want  you to take a chance on an adventurer by saying yes when something wild comes your way. I mean to entertain, to engage your attention and grab your emotions: to make you smile or sigh or laugh out loud.

Access the posts by clicking the menu icon in the upper right corner of the site.

Occaisionally, I’ll post a piece about a particular element of cycling that might look like a product review. The recurring theme of “the right equipment” is more about what’s in the heart of the adventurer rather than the gear we choose. Putting you on the saddle, pedalling down the road with a wild rover, that’s where I want to take you.

I don’t mean to sound profound or full of myself, but bicycling has given me a perspective I hope is interesting enough to read about and comment on. Let’s ride together! Bold adventure!

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